Our solution is designed for independent physicians practices, and is completely turn-key. This means minimal intervention from physicians or clinical staff while delivering excellent patient care and complete revenue cycle management services.

Texas Medicaid Telemonitoring for Providers

Your clinic can be fully setup within 24 hours.

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How It Works

Alwayshealth makes it easy to get started with RPM
  • 1

    Sign up

    Our onboarding specialists can get your clinic set up over the phone in about 20 min.
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    EHR integration

    Our operations team will begin installing your EHR integration so that you can start ordering RPM right away. EHR integration can be done completely virtually.
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    You and your staff will watch a series of short online on-demand training videos and you'll have access to unlimited one-on-one hands-on training, as needed.
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    Enroll your patients

    Enroll your patients through our EHR integration or through our secure online patient submission form. Once your RPM order reaches us, we'll ship out the appropriate device to the patient right away and get them onboarded.
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    Review and respond to critical alerts

    Our clinical team will call your patients when their readings are abnormal, and then escalate appropriate ones to your attention. The time our clinical team spends with your patients accrues towards your billing of RPM codes (we don't bill the payers for RPM, you do).
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    Bill and get paid

    We'll generate a weekly billing spreadsheet that your biller will need to generate your RPM claims for the previous week. We'll provide one-on-one billing assistance for you and your team, so that you know exactly how to file these claims.

Software Platform

You and your team will have access to our proprietary web-based SOC2-certified, HIPAA-compliant RPM platform, which serves as the central hub for the entire RPM program.
  • Receives and organizes all biometric data
  • Integrates with cloud-based EHRs
  • Securely records and transcribes calls with patients
  • Automatically time stamps all patient interactions
  • Generates clinical and billing reports

EHR Integration

EHR integration is critical for Remote Patient Monitoring success so that the RPM program can integrate into your current workflow and so that you can easily generate Quality reports using the RPM data. Many RPM vendors claim "integration," but in reality all they do is scan PDFs; our integration places readings into true data fields in your EHR. With some EHRs, we can even auto-generate RPM claims.

Here are some of the EHRs that we already integrate with:

Our RPM Hardware

We provide EHR-connected blood pressure monitors, glucometers, pulse oximeters and weight scales with these features:
  • Built-in integration with cloud-based EHRs
  • First device for each patient provided at no cost
  • HIPAA-compliant secure data transmission

Alerts and Escalations

When you and your clinic onboard with us, we will ask you to determine your “At Risk” and “Critical” alert thresholds for each physiological parameter (blood pressure, heart rate, glucose, etc.). These will be your practice-wide default thresholds. You will also be able to set and change custom thresholds for any patient as needed. When a patient has an At Risk reading, our team will review the reading result to determine if this is typical for the patient or whether a phone call is indicated. If a patient has a Critical reading, we will call the patient and determine if the situation needs to be escalated to the ordering provider. All our phone calls with patients and providers are done on our secure recorded platform. 

Coding and Billing

We know, learning any new codes can seem daunting, but rest assured, we make it easy. 

Do a deep dive into RPM codes in our Education Center click here.


Automated Time Tracking and Billing Reports

Our platform Evelyn automatically tracks all time spent with a patient, including recorded/transcribed phone conversations and remote patient monitoring activities performed by Accuhealth and your own providers.

Every Monday our system will autogenerate a billing spreadsheet with accurate Dates of Service and billing codes for each patient, making RPM claims generation a piece of cake for you and your biller. 

CPT Code Breakdown

(Effective March 1, 2021 all providers must bill Medicare as the Primary Insurance for MQMB patients)
CPT CodeMedicare RateTime SpentNotes
99453$19N/AOne time patient setup onto RPM
99454$62N/ADevice supply and recordings; every 30 day code.
99457 $5220-39 minFirst 20 min of RPM clinical time (reviewing readings, phone calls...); calendar month code.
99458 $4240-59 min 60+ minEach additional 20 min of RPM clinical time, max 2 units; calendar month code

HCPCS Code Breakdown

(Effective March 1, 2021 all providers must bill Medicare as the Primary Insurance for MQMB patients)
HCPCS CodeRateCumulative Time SpentTypical Time Responsibility
99091$183.0030+ Minutes, per 30 days*Achieved with eight (8) or more readings + review chart and call patient in 30 days.

No Cost Service

AlwaysHealth is licensed in all counties in the state of Texas. This means we can monitor all of your TMHP eligible patients at no cost.
  • MD Digitally Signed Plan of Care
  • 180 Day Authorizations
  • Monitoring: Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Weight, SpO2
  • Accuhealth is in Network with All Commercial MMP Plans

Patient Engagement

Automated Reminders

Our automated reminder system will send SMS reminders to patients to remind them to take their readings.

No-cost Consumables

We supply patients with no-cost consumables for their devices, including batteries, diabetic lancets and test strips. For some patients, not having to pay for consumables is a real motivator to continue the program.


Patients can opt to participate in our fun monthly bingo game where each day they take a measurement they earn a bingo token, increasing their chance of winning monthly gift-card prizes that we provide.

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